A GIRVAN man assaulted his partner by striking her on the head with a mobile phone.

Stephen Ingram of Dowhill Road got annoyed at his now-ex when she went to the pub with friends and after an argument ensued he attacked her in front of their seven-year-old daughter.

The 48-year-old will now carry out 100 hours of unpaid work after pleading guilty at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal Ed Sheeran told the court Ingram was angry at the woman for going to the pub with friends and went there to find her.

Mr Sheeran said: “The complainer ran to her mother’s address. The accused entered the house within 10 minutes. The complainer showed him the mobile phone and inform him she was at the pub.

“He then grabbed her phone and struck her on the head with it.

“The accused then picked up their daughter who was deeply distressed by this and left with her.

“The accused returned 10 minutes later. He was informed by complainer’s mother that she had contacted police.”

Ingram responded to this with: “I’ll tell them it’s all lies. You better get a good lawyer.”

Mr Sheeran added: “Police arrived and took pictures of swelling of head of complainer.

“Accused was then traced and arrested. He told them ‘I did not slap her on the face but I admit to hitting her with the phone’.”

Ingram’s solicitor Mr John Gallgher said: “It’s a 20 year relationship which had strain and were only staying for seven-year-old daughter.

“It is probably a blessing for accused and complainer and in best interest of their seven-year-old daughter.

“He deeply regrets that and feels his partner and him will get on better now they’re separated.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie ordered 100 hours of unpaid work to Ingram. He told him: “You have contact with your daughter now which is a good thing.

“I’m going to make you subject of a Community Payback Order. You’ll take the support which will be instrumental in rebuilding this relationship.”