CHILDREN in a South Ayrshire beach park made a whiffy discovery this week when they stumbled across faeces inside a tunnel.

Play time was disrupted as a young boy ran to tell his mum that the raised red tunnel of Girvan beach park was “stinking”.

Shocked mum Chloe Johnstone immediately made a call to the council to report the mess, before stopping more children going near it.

The Girvan mum told the Ayr Advertiser: “It was quite busy down at the park. There was a sport event on so there was a lot of people down at the beach. My eldest who is eight went to go in the tunnel and said it was stinking.

“I went up to look at what it was. It was disgusting, literally full of poo. It was definitely human; you could quite clearly see it. I had to hold my phone up to try and get some pictures of it. I phoned the council straight away and reported it.

Ayr Advertiser:

“Luckily no one climbed down the tunnel or it could have been far worse.”

“I stayed there for around an hour and just stopped any children from going in.”

In a bid to solve the mystery of who or what left the mess lying, Chloe spoke to another couple who were down the beach who believed it was another child who had an “accident”.

Chloe added: “I was talking to a couple, who were there earlier in the morning, they said it was a wee boy who had an accident. I thought the parents would have cleaned it up though.”

One of the organisers of the beach event by Girvan Community Sports Hub were said to have been tasked with the job of cleaning the mess before the council got there.

Chloe returned to the park around later to find that Council workers were out carrying out an inspection of the area.

Ayr Advertiser:

She added: “I returned to the park about two hours after I called the council and two council workers did check the whole park to make sure there were no other nasties.”

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council said: “Our parks do get really busy especially when the schools are off, so if there are any issues we would advise people to get in contact with us. As soon as we were made aware, staff were sent out to deal with it.”