A SMALL family business were left gutted after thieves snatched over £3,000 worth of scaffolding from their work site in Troon.

Nearby residents captured footage of men thought to be the culprits who turned up in a van wearing hi-vis vests loading the scaffolding poles onto the vehicle. It happened at Murdoch Court in Troon on Sunday, July 7.

It is claimed that black tape was used to try and mask some of the figures on the van's registration plate.

Now, family-run company, Tommy Graham Scaffolding are offering a £500 reward on information that will catch the thieves or return the stolen equipment.

One of the directors, Lauren Graham,said: “Luckily a resident phoned us asking if we were moving stuff and we said no. So they’ve just drove up with the hard hats and made it look as if they were doing it.

“It’s a good few thousand pounds. They’ve filled that pick-up right to the top. Neighbours said it was bulging over with stuff so we’re still waiting on the tally coming back but it’s about £3,000 or over that at least in gear."

The firm hired the scaffolding which is a particular type which reportedly is being targeted all over Ayrshire. 

"With this kind of scaffolding, it’s targeted all over Ayrshire. Because we’re a small company we’ve never had an insurance claim so it would mean we would have to claim our insurance and our insurance is up for renewal so it’s pointless claiming it because it’s just going to put it up. That’s why we’re trying to see if we can get it back.

“The company we hired it from have been great to be fair but they did say it’s rife down in Ayrshire at the minute as thieves are targeting this cut-block type of scaffolding.

"It’s just how they’ve done it in broad daylight and for a small company it’s just a lot of money to be paying out for scaffolding that somebody just decided to steal.

“We hope people can get in touch. It’ll be totally anonymous and hopefully it can lead us to catching them."

I don’t think people realise how expensive it all is.

Lauren and her husband Tommy are pleaing for help as the theft has hurt them as a small company. Laren added: “We’ve worked hard for everything and had to build our business up slowly and I don’t think people realise how expensive it all is.

“We’re offering a £500 reward and if we can get the scaffolding back even better, because it’s going to cost us either way."

If you have any information that can help please contact police on 101.