A CARING community group in Ayr have planted the seed for a garden project which they hope will bring residents together.

Lochside Neighbourhood Group met last week to lay down the foundations and discuss their big plans for the plot outside their Community Centre.

The group decided on starting small but hope to expand the project by getting locals involved to help.

In attendance were members of the group and Councillor Ian Davis for Ayr North.

Volunteer Andy McLaren told the Ayr Advertiser: “We are going to start small with it. We are hoping to do as much as we can. The plan initially is to some beds of flowers along the perimeter and put some in some planters and some benches which will be made locally.”

“We’re hoping for the kids we can get some tatties put them in and let them grow, to get them involved too.

“The garden will be for everyone, we’re relying on donations, we have a budget of around £1,500 so we want to get it up and running so people know we are here.”

Andy is hoping that the colourful bloom from the garden can help the whole community to flourish.

He added: “To uplift the area, so that the people can take pride in their area.

“Lochside has had a downer of the name for many years.

“We are looking to brighten it up.”