TROON beach cleaners are urging residents to watch what they are flushing after a further haul of sanitary towels and wipes were discovered.

It was revealed by the Troon Times last month that beach cleaners were left disgusted by the stomach churning find.

A Scottish Water investigation highlighted that the issue was a ‘cross connection’ fault where pipes from local properties were running directly to the shore.

Now Friends of Troon Beaches are pleading with residents to be very careful what they decide to flush, after continuing to find build ups of grim waste.

Joy Melville, member of the group said: “We want to ask people to please stop flushing these items down. We keep finding these items, it’s sewage and it is just damaging our water quality.”

The campaign to get residents to take swift action involves issuing leaflets to residents in a key area where they believe the issue is on-going.

Joy added: “We know there is a like between the Darnley Burn and a point where the waste is going in. The water is clear at Marr College, but then it goes under the ground past the school and by the time it gets to Barassie beach it is completely contaminated.”

The beach clean-up team recently met with Scottish Water at Troon beach to discuss what options could be possible.

Water quality investigators ensured that they were doing everything they can to help volunteers tackle the issue.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: We are continuing to work with Friends of Troon Beaches, keeping them informed of what we’re doing to tackle the issue of sanitary products and wipes being washed up on local beaches.“At a recent meeting in Troon which involved representatives of the group and key Scottish Water employees, we discussed concerns and the recent investigations which Scottish Water has undertaken to identify any problems.

“We also talked about the actions Scottish Water has taken to rectify any issues which were identified.

“It is hoped that together with short-term actions, a longer-term piece of work will help tackle the issue of sanitary products being washed up on beaches. Plans are under way to work with the group on a joint campaign that will help us get our cycle campaign messages out to local communities. We are currently scoping out what this campaign will look like.

“We want the public to know that everyone has a responsibility to make sure they follow the 3Ps rule and only flush pee, poo and (toilet) paper down the toilet. By doing so, everyone can play their part in helping the water cycle run smoothly.” and help protect Scotland’s beaches, rivers and lochs.”