A NEIGHBOURHOOD group in Ayr are seeking action to tackle an overgrown hedge which causing a major obstruction on a walkway.

Lochside Neighbourhood Group have called for the plantation to be cut back as they must walk on the road or duck to get past the obstacle.

At a meeting they voiced concerns with one member of the group insisting the owner of the property has just moved into what is believed to be a council house.

The hedge sits on the corner of Gould Street and Murray Street near Braehead Primary school.

At a meeting last week, a discussion took place with the issue raised to Councillor Ian Davis for Ayr North Ward.

One member of the group Kathy McNeilly said: “The persons just got their house and the hedge that’s there is hanging right over the pavement.

“You’ve either got to walk on the road or you have to duck underneath them.

“It’s not their fault, they’ve just moved in.

“It’s really bad that you’ve got to go on the road. It’s a council property as well. It’s just new tenants that have moved in.”

Councillor Ian Davis advised that if it is causing an obstruction then it would have to be cut town.

Councillor Davis said: “When you’ve got any kind of plantation that is growing onto the pavement and is encroached enough onto it then you can get it cut back to the boundary line.

“ In fact in some circumstances they would request the resident cut it back.”

The comments from Councillor Davis sparked a response, with one resident challenging why it should be the tenants’ responsibility to cut back the hedge.

South Ayrshire council confirmed that both private owners and council tenants were responsible.

A spokesperson told the Ayr Advertiser:“Both private owners and council tenants are responsible for the upkeep of their garden.

“We are currently looking into who is responsible for the hedge as it runs along two properties.

“Once we know, Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) will contact the person responsible to ask them to cut the hedge back.

“ARA can undertake the work if necessary and would recharge the person responsible for the hedge.”