A THIEVING clubber who snatched a woman’s handbag while she danced was caught after her brazen selfies showed up on the victim’s iCloud.

Charlene Robertson posed for pictures on the stolen iPhone before dumping in it in a takeaway shop on June 9.

But Ayr Sheriff Court heard the 41-year-old was snared after her picture appeared on the woman’s picture library.

Depute Fiscal Mr Scott Toal told the court Robertson targeted the woman in Elliot’s, Prestwick after watching her place her bag down as she headed to the dance floor with a friend.

Mr Toal said: “The owner of the bag and its contents put the bag down as she was dancing. When she came back she was aware the bag was gone and she didn’t know where.

“The complainer then used a friend’s phone and was able to trace her phone using the ‘find phone’ function.”

Mr Toal continued to tell the court that the stolen property was used after Roberston, of Dundonald Terrace, fled from the club and that £24 was spent at a nearby shop. But it was an act of stupidity that caught the thief red handed.

Mr Toal added: “The accused then took a selfie and it showed up on the complainer’s iCloud account.”

Police were shown the selfie Roberston took after the woman reported the stolen items and managed to find her nearby.

The woman’s iPhone was found at a local takeaway shop but her handbag and contents were not. The Fiscal Depute reported that a total of £676-worth was stolen with £600 being the value of the phone which was recovered.

Robertson’s defence solicitor Mr Colin Adam suggested to the court his client was not alone in this crime.

Mr Adam said: “She is 41 years of age, single and no matters outstanding. This dates back to one year ago. She is a very vulnerable person in the community.

“She was with someone on the night and she was happy to do the stealing.”

Robertson avoided a jail term and Sheriff Desmond Leslie placed her on a Community Payback Order which will be supervised for one year.