RAZOR blades were left stuck to the top of a picnic bench outside a village shop popular with families and children.

A shocked member of staff at Barr Village Store, near Girvan, found the sharp objects planted into the bench in the nick of time and removed them before someone was hurt.

The benches sit outside the shop, which is also sometimes used as a stop off point for cyclists passing by.

Assistant manager, Carly Roythorne told the Ayr Advertiser: “The shop has its own seating area. I just went out on my break and noticed them. It’s quite a big picnic bench and they were on the table so if someone had put their hand on them it could have been nasty.”

“It is really alarming. I would never imagine something like this to happen in Barr. Customers were out there with the kids this morning. Luckily it was me that found it and not kids.”

“It’s a popular spot for cyclists but the kids are all off now for the summer holidays. Some of the staff bring the kids to work with them.”

“I took them out as soon as I saw them to risk them being out there and someone getting hurt. They are very sharp.”

“It’s so unusual. I can’t think what would cause it to happen, but it’s very strange.”

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Police said: “Police Scotland can confirm that this incident was reported - thankfully the reporter removed the item and no-one was injured as a result. Any further incidents should be reported to police”.