AN AYR Butcher say business is suffering after council chiefs closed the High Street over fears an unsafe building is dangerous.

Clark McGrindle noticed an immediate impact on sales to the Pollok Williamson shop over the weekend, as fences were erected outside the shop amidst fears the building across the road could pose a danger to the public.

But the butcher who has spent 35 years at the shop has been left frustrated by the lack of action taken by South Ayrshire Council and admits customers have been put off by the lock down operation.

Despite his best efforts Clark believes a lack of communication also dented sales, as shoppers were not told that businesses were still open as usual.

Clark told the Ayr Advertiser: “A Friday and a Saturday is the main trading day, so this has had a huge impact on business. It definitely has affected us big time, our delivery driver had nowhere to park on Saturday, the closest he could get was Dalblair Road because of the organised march as well.

“The problem is there is no communication. Everyone tells you that the High Street is closed. People are not taking the risk. I said to the council on Saturday, tell people that they can get down, you just can’t get through, but they won’t do that.”

The street was initially closed off due to falling rubble, but Clark doesn’t understand why the whole street had to be closed off.

He said: “It’s a slight exaggeration. The bit of rubble that has come out would not fill a carrier bag, it could have been due to workmen who were at it, or a bird’s nests as you can see them going in and out. Two of three stones were lying there was virtually nothing there.

“There’s been workers up there all the time, but nothing has been done. There was a cherry picker up there last week, but seemingly it was booked in for the wrong day. It’s just one mess after another.

“If it’s so unsafe how come the staff are still allowed to access their buildings.

“All the businesses here have been left in the dark, the council should just go around and at least speak to them all.”

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council said: “An engineer has been on site to assess the building and we are hopeful the bottom of Ayr High Street can reopen shortly. Heras fencing will be placed adjacent to the building to ensure public safety.”