A WOMAN has been held in custody after pleading guilty to racially abusing a man in Mossblown.

Michelle Bruce wept in the dock as she was told she’d be locked up until at least July 23 while the court obtains a further report.

Bruce from Dunlin Avenue in Glenrothes admitted assaulting a police officer during a disturbance on June 24 and kicking him on the body. She then behaved in a threatening and abusive manner by shouting, swearing and uttering racial remarks towards another man who was present at the scene at Mauchline Road in Mossblown.

The 22-year-old also pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance in Boswell Park on July 2 last year. She was also accused of assaulting a cop in this incident and kicking him on the leg but she pleaded not guilty to this.

Bruce was slated for having a “terrible record” by Sheriff Desmond Leslie when she appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday, July 2.

Her lawyer Mr Raeburn told the court: “She has spent the last week in custody. She is pleading guilty to charges one, three and four as libelled.”

Sheriff Leslie confirmed with Bruce the charges she was pleading to and ordered her to remain in prison until she appears again.

The sheriff told her: “You have a terrible record, you know that don’t you. You’re going to remain in custody.”

A startled Bruce cried in the dock and called for her lawyer as she was taken back into custody.

Sheriff Leslie said the jail time breach an order that she is currently on.