MY attempts at trying to get fit stem back to the 1990s and a shopping trip to Glasgow.

Armed with my usual bunch of carrier bags from retail therapy, I decided in my wisdom to buy a set of weights from Greaves Sports, not realising just how heavy they were and was helped on to the train with said fitness items.

To be fair I gave them a bash and joined the gym in the Magnum as well as having a go with the weights at home.

Several gym memberships followed over a couple of decades or so and nothing was really working for me. However I wouldn't give up.

My friend, Pastor Richard Woods from Seagate Church suggested I sought out help from Brian Milligan at the Fit Pit in Troon.

I really want to lose weight and improve my diet, so adding regular exercise to my routine should help.

And after a quick chat which involved absolutely no exercise, I went for a session.

Testing it certainly was, although a lightish introduction.

My knowledge of fitness is limited, although it's not quite as bad as not knowing kettle bells from a kettle.

I started out on the trusty rowing machine, which can fairly burn off the calories and was then shown chest presses and squats.

Then I tried throwing the medicine ball down five times at first and then 10 times.

The bike followed and the secret there is to peddle as hard as you possibly can.

At the Fit Pit the classes are timed and last around 45 minutes with a routine devised for every one.

After four sessions, I'm starting to feel fitter and have less desire to eat bad food.

There's a long way to go, but I'm heading in the right direction I'm sure.