RUBBISH was left littering the town centre in Ayr last week forcing council workers to take action.

Shocked residents woke up to find a bin overflowing and bags burst all over the pavement.

Pictures emerged on social media showing the scene which was discovered at Ayr High Street on Friday morning. The local community council Fort, Seafield and Wallacetoun posted the image on their social media page.

A spokesperson for FSWC told the Ayr Advertiser: “There was too much in the bin. I think anyone in the town at that time would have seen it strewn all over the pavement and the road.”

South Ayrshire Council confirmed that the bin pictured belonged to a private waste collection company who are said to be contracted to a town centre business.

The bin is said to have been lying with the lid burst open allowing seagulls to access the waste leaving a trail of mess behind.

A Neighbourhood services officer investigated the issue as it was causing a “litter nuisance”.

A member told the Ayr Advertiser how the rubbish was still there at 10am two hours after they had first discovered it.

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire council told the Ayr Advertiser: “The council will now take enforcement action against the business concerned in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1990. We have also made arrangements to uplift the bin to prevent further mess.”