A YOUNG driver was inches away from death after a four-kilo bus wing mirror smashed through her wind screen on the A77 near Ballantrae.

Megan McCready was driving from Stranraer heading North bound when the object came off the bus and flew into her car on Sunday (June 30).

The 25-year-old from Wishaw has told how she thought her friend was dead, as her and two pals had a lucky escape.

She told the Ayr Advertiser: “There was a bus coming towards us on the other side of the road. And I just seen something white coming from the sky and coming through my window, and then I looked in my wing mirror and I could see the white bus just driving away but by this point there was glass everywhere and part of the wing mirror of the bus was inside my car.

“To be honest. For the first couple of minutes I didn’t actually know what had happened or I thought that my friend Gillian had been killed I wasn’t sure.”

The wing mirror landed right in the middle of the car between Megan and Gilliann who was sitting in the passenger seat, with the force of the impact destroying the rear view mirror.

Ayr Advertiser:

Megan added: “It took my rear-view mirror off and my interior lights, it could not have been any more in the middle, if it was an inch to the left or an inch to the right it would have probably killed one of us.”

Shocked passers-by heading southbound on the A77 stretch, stopped off and helped the three girls.

One helper, George from Stranraer said: “How lucky they lassies were was unbelievable. We were heading back to Stranraer and just pulled into the layby to offer help. They were all in shock.”

Megan who has been driving for seven years was left stunned that the driver of the bus drove away from the scene without checking to see what happened.

She added: “I just don’t know how anyone with a conscience could just drive away knowing that they have hit somebody I mean the driver wouldn’t have known if we were dead or alive.”

Ayr Advertiser:

The bus is said to have been completely white, with no logo on the back. Police have confirmed an investigation has been launched.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 2.30 pm on Sunday 30 June 2019 police were called to a report of a road traffic collision on the A77 north of Ballantrae where an item fell from a bus and hit a car windscreen. There were no reports of any serious injuries. Enquiries are ongoing.”