PROPOSED parking charges in Ayr, Prestwick and Troon have been put on hold until September.

Last week Ayrshire Roads Alliance’s (ARA) recommendations were rejected by Councillors, who told them more work was required before plans can go ahead.

Seasonal parking charges have been proposed at Ayr beach Esplanade (Blackburn Drive), South Beach Esplanade, Troon and Titchfield Road in Troon.

Charges would be introduced between March 1 and September 31 targeting motorists during the peak summer months, when visitors flock to the tourist hot spots.

Prestwick’s Bellevue car park would be hit with all year round charges, with the proposals highlighting the impact on local businesses and their staff, for whom many are on a “minimum wage.”

Troon’s Ivy Cottage near the Walker Hall building will also be hit with charges all year round.

In each site charges would exist between the hours of 10am and 6pm between Monday’s and Saturday’s.

In agenda papers it was revealed the negative impact the move could have on local businesses and highlighted the concern of more cars parking on the street.

It was raised that residents at New Road car park, Ayr will be affected if the charges are introduced and may require a season ticket option or a parking permit.

It was also revealed that just three residents have emailed in across South Ayrshire to show support for the proposed move.

Over 2,000 signatures were received from residents in Prestwick who opposed the plans, whilst from Troon 63 approved objections were received.

Comments that were made from those in favour included that proposed charges will add to a greater turnover of parked vehicles.

Councillor Ian Cavana of Ayr North Ward was left frustrated by the delay and is backing the proposals to still go ahead despite objections.

Councillor Cavana told the Ayr Advertiser: “The ones in Ayr won’t effect the shopping of businesses. The car park at New Road (Tam’s Brig) is used as a park and ride for buses and trains to Glasgow from nearby Newton on Ayr station.”

“This is a council decision no one objected to this. This has been running on for two years, there should have been objections at an early stage.

“But communities have galvanised. There is no doubt about that. Where do you stop if Troon and Prestwick don’t get it? It must be all or nothing. I will be asking for the same thing in Ayr if other towns don’t get what is being proposed.”