A CARE home worker stamped on a woman’s head in a vicious assault in Troon.

Rebecca Dunn managed to avoid a jail term for the attack but will now have to wear a tag, restricting her from leaving her home address in Ballochmyle Way in Mauchline.

The carer appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court last week on the day of her 21st birthday but her keys to the door won’t be turning for another year.

Dunn attacked her female victim in Portland Street in Troon on Wednesday, May 29 as she brutally seized her by the hair and dragged her to the ground. She was also found to have sat on the woman on the body before repeatedly punching and kicking her on the head where she was injured. She then stamped on the woman’s head and kicked her again.

Sheriff Ross Macfarlane enquired about Dunn’s employment while he was ordering her Restriction of Liberty Order and questioned if she would be allowed to work with vulnerable old people after this assault.

The sheriff asked if there was a return to work procedure in place for something like this and at what point it would be reviewed.

Dunn’s defence counsel, Mr Robert Logan told the court she had not been working recently due to being off sick with a broken ankle. Speaking of the case, Mr Logan said: “I know your Lordship has addressed this in some length.”

He added: “She is currently off work with a broken ankle. She works in a nursing home and sometimes finishes at 8pm.”

This was in response to Dunn’s curfew being order from 7pm to 7am.

Sheriff Macfarlane said: “She was stamping on someone’s head. If she is allowed to work with vulnerable old people we will address it then. The order stands.”

Dunn is now on a Community Payback Order which will be supervised over 12 months with the conditions that she remains in her home address between 7pm and 7am.