A LOCAL councillor is calling for parents to switch to reusable nappies to save money and the environment.

Craig MacKay of the Troon Ward has noticed the huge amount of landfill waste that is building up through disposable nappies, which are single-use and unsustainable.

The father of two has been personally motivated to change to a far eco-friendlier method for his young child, after being shocked at the level of waste that can build up.

Councillor MacKay told the Ayr Advertiser: “It’s more of a personal thing, I’ve got two kids one is seven years old and other is one. When you start having young kids you become aware of how much is getting dumped.”

The issue was raised to Council chiefs last week with South Ayrshire Council agreeing to look at the best way to encourage the use of re-usable nappies.

Suggestions included talking with the local health board, supporting “nappy banks” and affordable nappy laundry services and investigating further.

Councillor Mackay is hoping that the difference in price will help more parents choose the alternative to big branded products that are out there.

He added: “Over the course of three years you could spend £900 on disposable nappies. The reusables aren’t cheap to buy in the first place but you can save quite a lot of money as you are not always constantly buying them over and over again.

“There’s also a good second market in terms of buying them and initiatives like Ayrshire nappy library. where you can borrow them for a month.

“One of the council’s objectives to try and support people who find themselves impoverished. Its about raising awareness.”

NHS Ayrshire and Arran are open to having a discussion over reusable nappies with expectant parents.

Alexa Foster, Clinical Midwifery Manager, said: “As part of the planning for a new baby, expectant parents are invited to attend antenatal classes. These classes provide expectant parents with a range of information including planning for the birth and how to care for their baby afterwards.This includes guidance on breastfeeding and tasks such as bathing and changing the baby. Reusable nappies are discussed as an option which parents can choose if they wish.”