AN AYR man is facing an eternity of community service after several charges of fighting with cops were added to his rap sheet.

Craig Cowan of Wills Gardens was already serving 200 hours of unpaid work on a previous matter but his altercations with police on March 22 has slapped another 100 to this when his original order finishes.

The 28-year-old was summoned by officers who were called to a domestic matter at his home address. But he quickly turned on them and struggled violently with them as they tried to arrest him before he tried running away from them on Walker Road.

Cowan then assaulted one of the female officers by seizing her by the head and pushing her on the same street.

The thug then struggled with another five cops and hindered them in the execution of their duty by the time he made McLean Street.

At this point, he was found behaving in a threatening and abusive manner as he was shouting and swearing at officers and threatening them.

He also uttered threats of violence towards his partner who was still present during Cowan’s tussle.

Speaking on the case with Cowan’s solicitor Ms Dormer, Sheriff Ross Macfarlane tried to piece together his criminal record as the 28-year-old was currently serving a Community Payback Order when he appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court last Tuesday, June 25.

Sheriff Macfarlane told the solicitor: “I’ve read the report, and what’s struck me is that a Community Payback Order for two years is in place with reference to a Caledonian programme, as well as 200 hours of unpaid work.”

Ms Dormer explained her client’s case and how he was also accused of an assault on his partner.

Sheriff Macfarlane placed Cowan on a new Community Payback Order which will commence when his current one is finished, meaning his original sentence of 200 hours unpaid work was cut to 150 with another 150 hours being added for the offences in March in order to reach the maximum of 300 hours imposed.

Sheriff Macfarlane decided not to send Cowan to prison and told his solicitor: “All of these are an alternative to imprisonment so I’m afraid if he fails on this he will go to jail.”