ONE hundred and fifty years ago, Queen Victoria was on the throne, the USA had only 32 states and Ayr Grammar Primary School was established.

The Ayr school have had great fun throughout the session, celebrating their special birthday.

Early on this session, every class looked back in time to what life was like 150 years ago in the school and also South Ayrshire and Scotland.

They explored food, school, transport, politics and much more.

Last week, the children finished the celebrations by having a Garden Birthday Party and we captured the special landmark on camera.

Every class had a picnic, games and time on the bouncy castle. Primary 7 documented the day by making their own films.

The Parent Council kindly supported the event, making this a special day for every pupil.

Ayr Grammar are proud of their century-and-half and look forward to the next 150 years.

This is a significant milestone in the school’s history and one really worth celebrating.

With that in mind, we would appeal to readers for old pictures of their time at the school or others passed on from ancestors, which illustrate their experiences.

If you can help, please email the Ayr Advertiser: