A MAN was jailed for eight months on his birthday after he reigned terror on his ex, threatening her with a knife, screwdriver and a baseball bat.

Liam Campbell of Freeneuk Wynd in Cambuslang turned 37 the day he appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. He terrified the woman at her home in Ayr where he tried to burst through the front door with a baseball bat after he was locked in.

The thug then moved into the kitchen where he got a knife and a screwdriver before threatening to kill police officers if they approached the house.

Depute Fiscal Lindzi Bayne told the court Campbell was throwing objects about the house before he became abusive to the woman.

Ms Bayne said: “She was so scared that she had to remove herself from the situation.

“He attempted to open the door but could not, he became very aggressive and hit the door with the baseball bat.

“The accused continued and approached the door of the kitchen area. He returned with what appeared to be a knife, he was then armed with a screwdriver and baseball bat.”

Ms Bayne told the court that Campbell yelled: I’m going to kill a cop tonight.”

“When he was arrested by police, they noticed he had some blood coming from the nose area.

He continued to make threats saying ‘I will kill you and slit your wives’ throats’”.

Campbell’s solicitor Mr Brechany said: “I can’t give too much more on the incident as he can’t remember much. He was locked into the house. Eventually he was taken from the property.

“It’s a very serious incident in itself. He has not been involved in a domestic matter. She was also concerned about his mental health which has been fragile for months and at the time.

“This young man shouldn’t drink or take drugs as when he does he commits this kind of offending.”

Mr Brechany added. It’s his 37th birthday today. His difficulties do appear to lie with his relationship with substances.”

Sheriff John Montgomery listed a rap sheet of past offences offences involving knives and weapons.

He added: “You comitted this crime while you you were on a Community Payback Order.

“I’ve came to the conclusion that no other disposal is suitable but a custodial sentence. You’ll go to jail for eight months”