FED UP residents next to one of Ayr’s largest schools have described the roads outside their house as complete chaos.

Homeowners who stay across from Belmont Academy have been living through hell as buses, cars and take away vans lead to a full day of congestion.

One resident told how he managed to get buses moved from stopping outside Peggieshill Road, but the street is still part of their main route.

George McCalie told the Ayr Advertiser: “In the morning it’s just pandemonium. You get cars coming up and down my street, some stop on the left-hand side others stop on the right-hand. Then you’ve got the service buses coming up there as well and that just adds to it.”

“There’s kids crossing the road and traffic backed up. There’s been a lot of times where a kid could have been knocked over, no one has been hurt as far as I know, but there’s been a lot of near misses.”

Another resident was concerned for school kids running out onto the road, especially during lunch time where they run out past the take away van.

Other neighbours, are dreading the end of this years summer holiday’s as they claim the situation is getting worse each year.

One resident who did not wish to be named added: “When I drop my wife off at work in Ayr, I wait an extra half an hour before driving back, because its just utter chaos you can’t get moving at all. We are dreading it when the schools go back in September.”

Steven Goodall had parked his car on Peggieshill Road when it was struck by a passing bus.

He told the Ayr Advertiser: “It’s really bad you see the buses come up here all the time and they actually kerb the pavement. They all drive up here, there’s about three buses I don’t know why they have to all come up here.

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council told the Ayr Advertiser: ““We are aware of the congestion on the roads around Belmont Academy particularly at pick up and drop off times and we are continuing to work with partners to find possible solutions.”

A spokesperson for Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: “We can confirm that resolving the concerns of residents rests with South Ayrshire Council. However the Ayrshire Roads Alliance has met with the council and is looking for ways to provide assistance.”