SPORTING skills were put to the test at a popular annual event held in Troon.

Muirhead Primary School last Wednesday staged their school sports event.

People of all ages and abilities took part in the event, which is always hugely popular and attracts great support from parents, carers and friends who roar on their support from the sidelines.

As ever the sprints were popular, with some people quite competitive and others simply enjoying the taking part.

Some races were conventional, but some others were a bit more challenging - like balancing bean bags on your head at the same time as trying to run as fast as you could.

As ever a lot of effort was put into the sports, with much practise going on before the event and pupils involved in some practise runs.

And there was also much organisation, with teachers and other staff simply relieved when it turned out all right on the day.

Thanks go to everyone for taking part in the sports day.