A DRUNK driver was caught in the act when he took his family to McDonald’s on the way back from a house party.

Kevin Steele of Westwood Crescent in Ayr hid his child in the footwell of the passenger side of his work’s van where his partner was seated when cops approached.

The 28-year-old was four times over the legal limit when he was breathalysed and now faces 180 hours of unpaid work and a ban.

Depute Fiscal Ed Sheeran told the court: “At around 11.30pm on April 13 police witnesses were in McDonald’s on Whitletts Road.

"They saw the accused’s vehicle collect food through the drivethru. There was information received that accused was under the influence of alcohol.”

Officers then approached Steele’s van. Mr Sheeran added: “They spoke with the driver and could smell alcohol, and observed a small child in the footwell.

The accused failed a roadside breathe test.”

The drunk was taken to Ayr Police Station for further procedures to be taken and was cautioned and charged.

His solicitor Mr Glen Davis told the court his client stopped at McDonald’s for food on the way home from a gathering at a friend’s house where they had been drinking.

He said: “The child was in footwell, the child’s mum was in passenger seat. It is a two seater van. He is a mechanic and roofer. He and his girlfriend and child had all been in a friend’s house.”

Mr Davis also added that Steele realises that his whole lifestyle may change as he is looking at joining the army.

Sheriff John Montgomery spared Steele of a jail sentence and instead handed him 180 hours of unpaid work which he must complete within six months. He will also be disqualified from driving for three and a half years.

He told Steele: “I make you subject to a Community Payback Order. You will be required to supervision for 12 months including alcohol counselling and unpaid work.”