A SHERIFF lambasted an Ayr man last week for being a serial conman as he appeared in court for acquiring stolen tools.

Jamie McConnell of Kyle Street now faces 150 hours of unpaid work after being guilty of resetting the tools as well as electronic devices that were appropriated by theft on April 18.

His solicitor, Mr Glenn Davis told the court: “He understands that with his record he stands on the cusp of a custodial sentence. He is in a stable relationship, he has a young family, and has the opportunity for paid work.

“This was a stupid offence as far as he’s concerned.”

The 24-year-old was condemned by Sheriff John Montgomery as his seemingly notorious record was referred to during sentencing. He told him the low value of the stolen equipment was all that stopped him going to prison.

Sheriff Montgomery told him: “It’s abundantly clear from your record that you are a thief, a fraudster, a forger, a breacher of Community Payback Orders, a counterfeiter, and a resetter. However, the crown has now accepted that the sums were relatively small and that is all that spares you from jail. Nothing else.”