FURIOUS Troon residents have accused council chiefs of dragging their feet on installing new toilet facilities in Barassie.

Work on the project, which will involve a 30p charge for admission, began in February and is still ongoing Dot Skilling said: “They won’t even be ready for the summer season Janie McGranaghan added: “I was just thinking the same.

Maybe they’ll be ready for the fireworks.”

Gordon Yeti commented: “They could have built a McDonald’s in half the time and it would have twice the toilets.

Edith McWhirter said: “They could have revamped the original ones instead of knocking it down.”

Added Helen Laing: “Disgraceful amount of time. Summer is here and it looks as though it’ll be gone before the toilets are finished. Question need to be asked.”

Glen Tebbutt said: “ The Roman’s built Rome in half the time it’s taking to build a tiny toilet block, unbelievable!”

William Robb added: “I was thinking that too...some other nations could have built a skyscraper by now.”

A South Ayrshire Council spokesman said: “Works are progressing well and the new facilities will be handed over as soon as possible. The existing toilets will remain on site untilthe new toilets are opened.”