AYR’S popular beach is in crisis amid fears poor water quality could put the future of the visitor hotspot at risk.

The bathing waters at the hotspot have failed environmental standards for three years in a row. Under SEPA rules the water would be classed as offlimits with signs erected if the issue isn’t fixed by its fifth year meaning the clock is ticking on the future of Ayr beach.

South Scotland MSP Emma Harper, called in by Councillor Siobhian Brown, said this week she was “deeply concerned” by the latest report which could have a catastrophic impact on tourism for Ayr.

She said:“The people of Ayr have gone through enough disruption recently with the issues at the Station Hotel.

“The potential closure of South Beach is the cherry on the cake for the people of the town and will undoubtably have an impact on visit or numbers to the area and therefore the local economy.”

In a letter penned to SEPA and Scottish Water she requested a crisis meeting to take place. A spokesperson for SEPA said it was firmly focused on working with partners at all beaches, including Ayr South Beach and Heads of Ayr, to see improvements.