AN AYR resident is furious at her inconsiderate neighbours not picking up their dogs' mess near the beach's seafront.

Jane Kindlen has slammed the 'laziness' of locals letting their pets foul the streets and says people are getting away with it as the issue is not being dealt with.

Jane said: "I don't know what the solution is, most solutions cost money and councils don't have resources, but how do we educate these people that this behaviour is illegal and unacceptable if they aren't caught in the act?

"If there were wardens or similar, at least offenders could be spoken to and dealt with. I don't want a draconian society, but people need to accept behaviour such as this laziness is unacceptable in civilised society."

Ayr Advertiser: This stretch of road is covered in dog foulThis stretch of road is covered in dog foul

It's not just the seafront that has fallen victim to excrement on the streets. Jane has experienced the problem around Newton Park, Tam's Brig, Prestwick Road, Seaforth Road and Bellesleyhill Road in the give years she's lived in Ayr.

She also believes members of the public are too scared to challenge the culprits when they're caught in the act. She added: "I suspect people walk in front of their dog whilst it stops to do its business and the owner conveniently carries on walking.

"I also suspect it must be happening first thing in morning, late at night when less people are likely to be about to challenge. However, I doubt few people would feel comfortable in challenging the guilty party if they did witness this behaviour, for fear of abuse etc. There are people that get away with it time and again. Gives the responsible dog walkers a bad name."

Ayr Advertiser: The problem is rife on Bellrock RoadThe problem is rife on Bellrock Road

If people took responsibility for their dogs' mess and thought they'd be punished, it would be tackled, is the message Jane is putting out there. She added: "I can't see what else could be done. People will always do things when they know they can get away with it ie fly tipping, dog-fouling, campers disposing toilet waste in the countryside.

"It comes down to damn right laziness....You can be sure that if it was 'policed' by wardens or similar with realistic threat of a large fine, people might start to take heed. But when an issue isn't dealt with people get away with it."