TV STAR David Walliams has thrown his support behind a fundraising drive for a Monkton schoolgirl battling a rare brain tumour.

Five-year-old Aoife Kidd was diagnosed with High Grade Glioma when she was just 16-months-old.

Earlier this year her parents Michael and Evelyn, both 37, launched a fundraising campaign to pay for a sensory room in Monkton Primary where Aoife is a pupil.

The family are hosting a Fun Day this month based on Walliams’ novel “Midnight Gang” and some of the cast from the stage production will be going along to meet the kids.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge won’t make it along on the day but sent a video to Aoife to say he “hopes to meet her soon”.

He said: “Hello Aoife, It’s David Walliams here with Bert and Ernie, my doggies. I just wanted to wish you all the best, I know you’ve got a fantastic fundraising day, based around my book ‘Midnight Gang’. I hope it’s a huge success for you. I’m so sorry we can’t be there, but I hope to meet you guys soon.

"Have a fantastic day.”

Since being diagnosed the brave youngster has undergone brain surgery and years of gruelling chemotherapy to try and shrink and kill the tumour.

Two years ago the family were offered a vital lifeline from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London when they offered Aoife a place on their ‘Braf Clinical Trial’.

Michael says the treatment, called Dabrafenib, is given to patients whose cancer has developed the ‘Braf mutation’ which can accelerate the cancer.

Michael added: “Since she has been part of the trial the tumour has remained stable.”

Now the family is fundraising for the school sensory room because Michael says it will help with Aoife’s development.

He said: “We are fundraising to raise money for a sensory space at the school.

Aoife is five-years-old butbecause of all the surgery and chemotherapy she has gone through her development has been delayed.

“Her speech and emotions and level of understanding have been affected.

"We loved the effect other sensory rooms have had on her so we came up with the idea to try and raise money to get one in the school.

"It’s something that will be a benefit to any children who need it.”