A SINGER is calling for a reunion of former school pupils who sang in a choir led by her late grandad.

Kirsty Duncan still bumps into women that were in her grandfather Sam Duncan’s choir 45 years after his death.

He died suddenly from a heart attack whilst conducting the Beresford Girls Choir in 1974 at a rehearsal studio.

His work in the choir, which spanned 20 years, is remembered every year through the Beresford Trophy at the Ayrshire Music Festival.

Now, Sam’s granddaughter Kirsty is looking to bring the old choir back together for a reunion event. Kirsty, 33, reckons she could trace around 30 members just through Facebook alone, but she is wanting to reach former members who may not use social media or are no longer in touch.

Kirsty said: “ I never knew him. I was born 11 years after he died. I am interested in finding out more about him and the choir. I work as a professional singer and both my dad and I have led choirs too.

“My main thing is to try and get as many people there as possible. People who went to school between 1954 and 1974 are most likely still alive but may be online so hopefully they can come to the reunion.”

Ayr Advertiser: Sam Duncan (left) with his choirSam Duncan (left) with his choir

Kirsty plans to hold the event later in the year Sam Duncan worked as a music teacher at Belmont Academy where many of the Beresford Choir girls attended. He took them on many trips across the world including Ayr in Canada. The choir won the prestigious Children’s Choirs competition in the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales - a place where Pavarotti won one of his first competitions.

Kirsty added: “It was a big deal and it was an amazing achievement, and from what I looked up there’s never been another winner from Scotland in that time. They also made an L.P - ‘Down in the Glen’ which has now been made into a CD.

“I’d just like people to share memories of their time in his choir as it was a massive part of our family’s life.”

Ayr Advertiser: Down in the Glen album coverDown in the Glen album cover

If you sang in Sam Duncan’s choir, or know someone that did. you can contact Kirsty by phone on: 07912 360704 or email: info@kirstyduncan.co.uk.

A Facebook group has also been set up to reach out to the choir on www.facebook.com/Beresfordgirlschoir