FURIOUS footballers from Muirhead want to see controversial plans for a takeover of their centre kicked into touch.

South Ayrshire Council are cur rently considering a proposed community asset transfer of Muirhead Activity Centre to Dundonald Gymnastics Club.

Community groups have been giving their views on the plans to the Troon Times while the proposals are still under consideration.

The football group normally meet on a Thursday evening, with many of the players, who come from the Troon area have been going along for more than two decades.

Group member David O’Neill would be desperately sorry to see the group wind up and said: “Football is great for physical and mental wellbeing.

“Also it’s good socially as it allow us to have a good chat as well.

“I’ve been going to the group for 23 years now and really enjoy it. The guys all know each other quite well.

A lot of us have some families and this is something which we can do right on our doorsteps, it’s so handy.

“It helps to keep us fit, otherwise we could just be on the couch watching TV.”

Added David: “There’s no way we could keep playing football in the Activity Centre if the community asset transfer went ahead as a spring Footballers kick off at plans for Muirhead floor is going to be put down.

“That totally rules it out It’s also been suggested we could maybe go to Marr College to play as have other groups but there’s nothing definite yet and we could be charged more than we are now. It would be difficult to find anywhere else.

“I don’t think it’s right that a single sport group run a community centre and this could create a precedent for other local facilities.

At least 10 to 12 of us go along each week and we play five-a-side football. It’s something that we really enjoy and we want to keep on playing.

“There’s a lot of talk from the G over nment about obesity and health problems and they’re telling us that everyone should do more exercise but we can’t do that if facilities are closed down.

“People who help run the centre have said they will work more closely with South Ayrshire Council to make the facilities better.

“I’m sure they would do that as it needs more done to it.

A decision on the Community A s set T ransfer is expected at a meeting of the SAC Leadership Pane