A FORMER Ayrshire radio presenter who owns a hairdressing salon in Ayr is playing a leading role in a programme on the new BBC Scotland channel.

Jim Higgins, who owns Headstart Hair Studio in Ayr, features on Mirror Mirror, a programme which uses hidden cameras in hairdressers across the country to film clients’ candid, funny and honest conversations.

The ex-Westsound and Irvine Beat FM presenter was shocked when he Ayr salon has starring role in ‘fly on the wall’ TV spot heard that the BBC wanted to feature him.

He said: “I nipped out of the salon one day and when I came back the girls in the shop told me that the BBC had phoned, and I thought they were joking.

“The BBC phoned me back and they had been in touch with the Gaiety Theatre asking if they knew any hairdressers that were good characters and they all suggested me so that is how it came about.”

Filming for the programme lasted 16 months across various hairdressers, beauticians and barber shops in Scotland with Jim choosing what clients to feature from his salon.

He said: “I have done television before so I knew what the cameras looked like and all the wires but for the clients it was a bit strange because they had a camera mounted on the mirror in front of them so they were looking into the camera and then they had to be wired up.

“It was all about just getting them to relax at first when they see all the equipment and ensuring that they don’t freeze when the cameras are on.

“All the clients that took part did a great job.” The 53-year-old revealed that he has had a great response from clients and friends since the first episode aired.

Jim said: “The response has been quite phenomenal because I have heard from people that I have not spoken to in years.

“It’s almost like a version of Gogglebox but for hairdressers with the viewer able to see what we get told by clients who often open up with us and I think people enjoy the format.

“Even from the general public the response has been really good. “I was walking in Tesco and a woman came up to me and said ‘I saw you on TV the other night- it’s a really enjoyable programme’ so the feedback has been really good.”

This year also marks a milestone for Jim’s Headstart Hair Studio in Ayr which is celebrating 30 years since it opened its doors in 1989.

Jim said: “It is a nice way to celebrate our 30-year anniversary of the salon opening by being on TV.” Mirror Mirror is shown on the new BBC Scotland channel every Thursday from 10.30pm with previous episodes available on BBC iPlayer.