STUDENT VET’S gave an informative presentation to young adults aspiring to get into some of Scotland's top vet schools.

The road to vet school event took place at County Vets stunning Whitefaulds farm location in Maybole, with talks from two local students studying at Edinburgh University’s vet school.

Budding vet school applicants were given a crash course on the tough application process for vet schools across Scotland.

The talk was organised by Claire Mitchell,22, who is fourth year student at Edinburgh University and was assisted by Laura who is in her second year.

Claire who gained vital work experience at County Vets before going to school hopes the talk helped calm some nerves.

She told the Ayr Advertiser: “We went through personal statement writing and interview hints and tips, things like that just to calm any nerves or worries that people have got about applying.”

"It went really well, quite a few more people than expected turned up, mostly local school children and their parents, but also some pupils and parents from Glasgow and Fife.

"We have received many positive comments from attendees, they found the presentation very informative and thoroughly enjoyed the practical stations we had organised.

"Both Laura and myself really enjoyed meeting everyone and passing on our hints and tips.

"We are very grateful to County vets for hosting the event, as well as the work they do throughout the year to encourage school pupils to join to the veterinary profession."

Emma Kennedy, the principal of County Vets told the Ayr Advertiser: “Claire who has been coming to us since she was at school, approached me about six months ago about running the event. Its part of one of her modules at vet school to educate other people, we thought this is something that would appeal to a lot of other people.

“I think it’s quite good to get the young ones in they can speak to us, but it’s good to speak to someone who’s in the position they would hope to be in a couple of years. They are right at the cutting edge of it. They know what’s going on.”