A SMASH hit tennis ace from Troon, who celebrated the biggest success of his career in Abu Dhabi back in March, has been given a window to help exhibit his achievements.

Jack Dickson (21) who plays at Prestwick Tennis and Fitness Centre, won a gold medal singles, beating a Brazilian opponent in the final, and bronze in doubles at the Special Olympics Summer Games.

And a display, featuring one of his tennis racquets which helped him secure glory, along with Union Jack flags and pictures is on on view at The Herbary in Ayr Street.

The former Struthers Primary School pupil, who suffers from autism, was delighted with his success and said: “This is the biggest competition I have won, it was a great feeling.

“I felt great at the medal ceremony.”

His success made headline news on Reporting Scotland and he was interviewed during the main bulletin.

And Jack, who was one of only six from the UK competing in the tennis, was sent congratulatory tweets by Tennis ace has window on world after Special Olympics success Oasis legend Liam Gallagher, who said “good work” and top coach Judy Murray.

His mum Jean said: “It was nice of Liam to respond.

“There were lots of nice people at the event, including Special Olympics chairman Timonthy Schriver, (son of Special Olympics founder Eunice Schriver and sister of President Kennedy).

He made great speeches.”

Jack has been playing for just seven years now and trains at Scotstoun Sports Centre as well as Prestwick.”

Asked the secret of his success, Jack said: “Hard work.

“There was qualifying to go through first and then we had a group of four.”

The Abu Dhabi competitors were dubbed the athletes of determination and mum Jean feels this was apt.

She said: “Jack trained three or four times a week and has made so many friends through tennis.”

Claire O’Donnell, owner of The Herbary added: “I’m absolutely thrilled and have had so much feedback from customers.

“A lot of them didn’t know about Jack so it’s been nice to have been able to tell them his story. “But because he’s from Troon a lot of people do know who he is although some people are aware of him.”