DOLPHINS have been spotted swimming the sea in Ayr.

Locals reported a number of sightings of the creatures last week between the Horizon Hotel and the entrance to the harbour to Ayr Harbour (end of the pier).

One local, Claire Allison, was excited when she saw the dolphins make a rare appearance in Ayr. She told the Ayr Advertiser: "It’s really rare. They have been spotted a number of times last week. I saw them last Wednesday night around sunset. 

"A friend spotted them on the Thursday morning around the same area. The photos I sent you were taken on Friday evening at the very end of the pier. They were around for at least an hour and half and spent most of their time at the entrance to Ayr harbour.

Ayr Advertiser:

"I have been looking for them since then but not been lucky enough to spot them again. It might just be that the sea has been a little rougher so they are more difficult to spot."

It's very unusual to see dolphins at Scottish coasts. The wonder mammals are more commonly inhabited further across the Atlantic. 

 Claire added: "I have never in the 28 years I have lived in Ayr seen dolphins/porpoises in the sea round here. I have seen them a couple of this this week."

Locals in the area have been sending us stunning photos of the dolphins. If you have spotted any, send in your pictures to