Do you ever get that phantom vibration in your thigh and assume its your phone, only to find out your phone isn’t even in your pocket? Does your fingers twitch when you haven’t checked your notifications in the last 20 minutes? Feel like you’re a slave to your smartphone on a daily basis?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you might be in dire need of a digital detox holiday. Digital detox holidays are becoming increasingly popular as they allow people to get away from the stresses of day to day life back at home. It’s a holiday to just switch off completely. Sounds great right? 


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Do you know how often we touch our phones on a daily basis?. A blog called performed a few tests and found that people tapped, swiped and clicked on average 2617 times a day. Crazy right? It’s very unhealthy, especially when you realise how much technology negatively affects us.


There's no better place to do a digital detox than being somewhere sunny on holiday. Depending on where you go, it can be a great chance to unhook yourself from anything connected to the internet.

When you get to a hotel, what’s the first question you ask? Is it “what's the Wifi password?” If so, you might need a detox!  


Reasons to take a digital detox holiday

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When you take the time away from technology and stop posting on and scouring social media, you will start to engage with your surroundings more and just generally appreciate the good things in life.


If you don’t have your gadgets as a distraction, you could be spending more quality time with your loved ones. Leaving technology behind puts you back in control of your decisions.


You’ll have a lot to pack when you’re going on holiday, but by leaving those beloved gadgets behind will free up more room.


You’ll start to pay more attention to who’s around you. Having you phone in your hand means less of a conversation happening with the people around us. Phones are flat out killing face to face interactions.


Taking gadgets out of the equation will let you find new opportunities. You’ll start doing things to keep you entertained that you wouldn’t normally do.




Leave your work behind

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So many of us find it really hard to stop working, even when on holiday. A well needed break is essential for our mental health and yet we can barely go a one week holiday without checking our emails.


When we’re on holiday, we need to switch off completely and leave our everyday stresses behind. It’s time to delete the communication apps off our phones and stop checking our emails while we’re away.




Your friends will love it

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As much as we like to see our friends enjoy themselves while they’re away, today's society has become obsessed with posting pictures of everything and it's hard not to get jealous of a beach seflie!




There are actual health benefits

There are many health benefits to taking a digital detox. Studies have shown that people who regularly check their phone and emails will feel more relaxed after a detox.


  • UK psychologists have found a strong link between depression and using the internet too much
  • As soon as your phone usage drops, a drop in anxiety will follow
  • Social media usage is linked with eating disorders
  • You’ll get a better sleep

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Where can I go for a digital detox holiday?

If you want to just completely disconnect, there are plenty of places surrounded with beautiful landscapes, exciting activities and plenty of culture.  


If you’re interested in appreciating the beauty of nature, somewhere like Jūrmala would be perfect. Jūrmala is a Latvian resort city on the Gulf of Riga. You can walk or cycle along the coast while listening to the sea waves rustling.


If an activity holiday is more your thing, Mark Warner have many resorts with plenty of things to do that will keep you busy. So, if you want the kids to join in on the digital detox, a family holiday in one of their summer resorts could be an amazing trip for all the family that will leave you all feeling more energised and ultimately, closer.


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