A LONG-ESTABLISHED Troon sports club have condemned plans to relocate them from Muirhead Activity Centre through controversial new proposals.

South Ayrshire Council are considering a community asset transfer of the facility to Dundonald Gymnastics Club although the move has attracted widespread condemnation within the community.

Troon Handball Club have started moving their classes from the Activity Centre to Marr College but this has left them facing major space restrictions.

Coach Chris Kerr said: “Because of the uncertainty we have started moving everything out apart from our P5 and P6 group, because we have not known what’s been happening with the centre we haven’t been promoting that.

“They have benefited from the facilities at Muirhead over the years. For P5 and upwards the halls in Marr are too small.

“The primary team have 20 to 30 kids and it’s too small at Marr. You are trying to move us out of a facility with three badminton courts into a hall with one on it.

“You can always make do. But why should we make do when there is a good facility right here.

"I can understand why gymnastics want the premises but when you are taking one facility right out of the heart of a community which is arguably a community that needs it more than the rest of Troon then that’s not right.

"We were asked to move into Dundonald Activity Centre, why would my guys who walk go there.

“It would be nice for us to be listened to by the council. If the Community Asset Transfer was not accepted, then we would be back.

“We would be happy to go back to Muirhead as it’s a great space for pr imary school kids and its value for money. These things add up to being a good spot.

“I have nothing against the gymnastics club trying to expand but it comes at the cost of the community and I’m not sure about that.

"If it came to it and they decided to keep it in the local community I would do everything I could to make the most use of it.

“For the bare minimum we have been using it six hours per week for the last few years we’ve been using it.”