BUS DRIVERS had a unique experience at Ayr bus station as they wore special specs to understand how visually impaired passengers see the world. 

The 'swap with me' day had drivers board a double decker bus and read bus numbers and timetables whilst wearing the glasses which simulated sight loss. 

The event organised by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Stagecoach. 

Pictures were shared by Stagecoach West on social media showing the group of drivers on a double decker bus as they gained a better understanding of how to hep blind and partially sighted bus users. 

A post on Stagecoach West's Twitter account read: "Today @RNIBScotland came to Ayr Bus station for a 'swap with me' day.

Drivers boarded a bus & read bus numbers & timetables whilst wearing glasses that simulate sight loss.

They chatted to attendees to gain a better understanding of how to help blind & partially sighted bus users."