A WASHING line has been spotted attached to a car in Troon near Barassie beach.

The unusual set up was captured after a picture emerged on social media.

A line can be seen sticking out the window of a white car with an array of clothing items hanging out to dry.

Bemused locals reacted to the pic after it was shared on a community group on Facebook.

Many tried to work out what led to the owners doing their laundry on a grassy field next to the beach.

One commented: “What if these folk have unexpectedly fallen on hard times and they are just doing all they can to keep the kids in clean clothes.

“Just a thought. I find it hard to believe someone woke up and went "mon we will go spend a day at the beach" aye great idea Brian. Haud on al grab the washin and a spare line.”

Another joked: “Is that where my washing went.... thanks for hanging it up for me now can u bring it back dry and folded neatly cheers lol.”

Some suspected that the owners were tourists with a few comments suggesting they had a Dutch licence plate.

Either way they are certainly making the most of the sunshine!