A CREEP has been jailed for terrorising women and children in Ayr.

Lee Taylor of Barbieston Terrace in Ayr chased a woman and her four-year-old daughter in Ayr Town Centre on December 14 last year. He became aggressive to them both, begged them for money and threatened to kill them. He was also charged with frightening women by asking them for a kiss.

The 39-year-old drunkenly chased the pair when they came out of Burger King. He caught up with them, and left them terrified when he grabbed hold of the child and threatened to kill them.

Depute Fiscal Andrew Lazzerin told the court: “They left Alloway Street, the accused crossed the road behind them. He appeared heavily under the influence by his walking and his voice. They were followed by accused and sped up when accused ran after them.

“The accused took hold of the four-year-old, put hands on her to stop speaking to them. He let go of the child and asked for money. When money wasn’t coming he said ‘I’m going to kill yous, you’re going to die’. The woman and child seemed petrified.”

Taylor then grabbed the woman’s neck but she caught sight of a family member across the road and yelled for help. He then fled from the scene.

The sleaze later caused disturbance in Ayr Hospital when he asked female officers to kiss him, He continued gesturing to them with his lips while he was there to get checked over.

On the same evening, Taylor had approached a parked car in Carrick Street where he harassed a woman inside by banging on her window asking for a kiss. He refused to leave and hurled abuse at her.

The pest managed to open her door and pulled her by her scarf. Mr Lazzerin added: “There was an exchange of words. He pulled her scarf and she pushed him away. She kept asking ‘who are you’ and he kept saying ‘I’m Lee Taylor’.” The terrified woman was able to wriggle free and drive away from him.

Taylor’s solicitor Glenn Davis told the court: “He has no memory of the instances. One of the women appears to be a bit of a match for Mr Taylor and she tells him to go away.

“As far as Lee Taylor is concerned this is his first offence for five years. Has long standing drug addiction. He took alcohol and other substances. It’s no wonder why he can’t remember. He describes his actions as horrible. He is ashamed and he’d like to apologise.”

Sheriff John Montgomery sentenced Taylor to eight months in prison for his antics which was backdated to April 9.