A FIGHTING fit trio from a Troon church are dusting down their spikes all in a good cause tomorrow (Wednesday).

Seagate Church pastor Richard Woods and parishioners Matt Pearce and David Ruthven are running the Troon 10k on the esplanade to help raise awareness of the South Ayrshire Foodbank.

Richard said: “It was Matt and David’s idea to be involved and I decided to run it although I’m not a great runner. Matt is a marathon runner and David is an endurance athlete running long distances.

“Both of them are in Troon Tortoises and they had the idea of saying to the people who are running the event that they wanted to support the South Ayrshire Foodbank by bringing something, whether it is tinned food or pasta, something that doesn’t go off, even if you aren’t running the event but coming to spectate.

“We want to raise the profile of the Foodbank and get people to bring as many things as they can for it.

“On the night people can bring food donations or from 5.30pm atthe Walker Hall they can just donate on the evening by giving money or bringing something.

Everything will go to the South Ayrshire Foodbank and help people in Troon, Prestwick, Ayr and other areas.

“It’s a really good way of doing the Troon 10k. The organisers of the Troon 10k have chosen the Trussell Trust,the charity who run the foodbanks as their charity.

“The foodbank is increasingly important with the challenges of universal credit where people don’t get paid for six to eight weeks and unable to support themselves. Increasingly worryingly people who are employed are not getting enough money to feed themselves.

“It’s a way of practically helping ordinary people who find themselves in hard times. All the churches in Troon help provide for the Foodbank on an ongoing monthly basis.”

Asked about his personal goal in the race, Richard said: “If I could get under 50 minutes I would be delighted.”