AN AYRSHIRE couple are looking to give families who are less fortunate the chance to get some peace of mind by giving them a free stay in their Craig Tara caravan.

A fundraiser by Dee Leslie,43,and Mandy Danielle, 45, has been set up to provide a much needed break for families suffering from the impact of serious illness or disabilities.

Dee, who is himself disabled, is wanting to put a “smile on people’s faces” by giving them a holiday away from the stresses of life.

The caravan comes fully equipped for a great family getaway, and Dee is also offering to transport families to the Ayr site.

The couple who stay in Galston are aiming to raise £7,000 to help with the up keep of the holiday home, and give some families a much needed free break.

Dee Leslie told the Ayr Advertiser: “We have the caravan on finance. We are looking to raise the funds for the site fees, all the over heads and any maintenance work.

“At the end of the day all we want to achieve is a smile.

“Our profit is a smile from kids who have cancer and to help families who maybe have a more complex life than most of us do.

“They will spend most of their time providing care, they deserve a break.

Dee has firsthand experience of the struggles that people can go through after he suffered a horrific motorcycle accident 14 years ago which resulted in nerve and spinal damage.

His son is partially blind and his sister in law is battling through cancer.

The personal experiences in his life motivated him to buy the deluxe caravan at Craig Tara in February and start the campaign to raise funds.

Dee added: “I used to work in Craig Tara when I was younger it’s always been a place that I’ve been fond of. By using Craig Tara it keeps it community based, we can get down there, help out and make sure everyone has a good time.

“There’s lots to do in the site itself but also some great restaurants in Ayr, or a trip to the beach.

“We bought this place to help people who can’t afford the full price that normal caravan holidays can come to.”