MISCHIEVIOUS S6 pupils at Marr College had their leavers assembly cancelled due to a number of crazy pranks on their last day of school.

Kids draped nearby trees in toilet roll, drenched classmates with vinegar filled water guns and ran riot all day.

It is believed teachers at the secondary school were targeted with water and were under attack from pupils throwing water balloons as well as other bizarre objects.

While sixth years were having one final blow out before their last round of school exams, the school fell victim to a nightmare of mess. And teachers were not for seeing the funny side as they cancelled their celebratory leavers assembly as punishment for their antics.

South Ayrshire Council confirmed the school cancelled the year group’s leavers assembly due to their wild riot. A spokesperson from South Ayrshire Council said: “The Assembly did not take place due to the unacceptable behaviour of a small group of school leavers. An event will be planned for leavers to collect their S6 Yearbooks.”

One concerned parent of a pupil that attends Marr College said she was worried about all the S6 pranks getting too far and feared someone would get hurt. She said: "My daughter told me her and her friends got soaked. She went back into the school as she forgot something, when she returned to her friends outside she had just missed being soaked in vinegar. She asked what happened and they told her they'd all been sprayed with vinegar in water guns."

A thread online brought up a bunch of elaborate pranks that are not confirmed. One claimed chickens were unleashed to run about the school corridors, while another heard some water guns were filled with urine and sprayed on fellow pupils and staff.