PEOPLE in Troon have been warned about a dangerous dog at Troon beach after an alleged attack.

It’s feared the animal growled and caught the arm of a woman who passed the dog near Troon beach.

The victim who did not want to be named posted on social media telling of her shock after the dog went for them.

She also told how the owners were “worse for wear”.

They said: “Anyone who's out near troon/ brassie beach down at the opposite end of toilets just next to the benches there's a couple clearly worse for wear with a blue nose staffy when i was walking back the dog growled and caught my arm! With it's teeth please be careful.

I'm lucky it didn't break the skin or touch who I was out with absalutly fuming!”

Local Police were contacted by the Troon Times who said they were “unaware of any reports at this time.”