A LONG-established senior citizens club face being turfed out on to the street if controversial change-of-ownership plans for a community centre go ahead.

The centre is the subject of a community asset transfer application by Dundonald Gymnastics Club.

But Lionel Marks, secretary of the Good Companions, who take part in a host of activities including indoor petanque, is firmly against the move.

He said: “The council have been talking about moving us but we don’t yet know where we are going to be, the Walker Hall could be a possibility but it’s not much good, we have used it before.

“We need a place with a car park which is near at hand.

“Why if it’s only a consultation if they are talking about - are they talking about farming us out to various places.

“No-one will get playing many sports in Muirhead Activity Centre as there is going to be a spring floor to suit the Gymnastics Club

“My objection is that this facility is being taken away from the community. That really is the issue. We like where we are.

“The group has been here for nine years and very successful. r nine years and very successful.

“We have 50 members, aged from 70 up to 97.

“It would be terrible if the centre was to close.

“We’re a small group, but I know all the groups, like football and handball.

“The council say they’re losing money. They just want the facility off their hands.”

Added Lionel: “I have said to Muirhead Tenants and Residents Association they could get a grant if they wanted to help run the centre. It’s their community centre and their children. But they would have to find out first how much it was losing.”

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Council said: “An application, is currently going through our Community Asset Transfer Process.

“All representations received and any comments submitted by DGC will be considered as part of the Community Asset Transfer process.

“A report on the community asset transfer request will be submitted to the Council’s Leadership Panel for its consideration in due course.”