TWO BIKES were stolen on the same street in Troon last week.

One incident on Walker Avenue is said to have taken place on Sunday April 21between 8.50pm and 9.10pm.

It left a devastated young boy without his £400 bike after his two hardworking parents saved tirelessly for a year to buy him one.

His mum, Stevely Elaine McLauchlan from Troon was absolutely horrified when she found out that her son’s bike had been snatched.

She said: “He’s devastated.

“He used his bike to go everywhere and now he’s got nothing. He’s the only one out of all his pals that doesn’t have a bike. That bike meant everything to him.”

“He had asked for a bike last summer.

“We told we him couldn’t afford it and that it would need to be a birthday or Christmas present.”

“His birthday is on the same week as Christmas so when we got it for him it was a joint present.”

The bike, a Carrera Hellcat Mens Mountain Bike vanished after Dominic was visiting family. He had left the bike in the driveway at the property whilst he went with his friends to the beach.

Stevely said: “My cousin has also got CCTV and you can see the bike is there one minute and gone the next. I phoned the police straight away and put the posts around over Facebook hoping someone would see it.”

“We have been everywhere hunting for it.

When I was on the phone to the police, my cousins were tracing about Barassie beach for it. My son was really upset.”

Now Stevely has been left in a position where she can’t afford to replace the bike.

She said: “The contents insurance excess are just about as much as the bike would have been.”

“There’s nothing we can do right now.

Because someone else has cruelly stolen his bike we now have to work extra hard to try and save up and buy him a new one.

“I’ve never had anything like this stolen from me before. He’s not been off it since he got it and we can’t even replace it.

“It’s horrible. I’ve never had anything like this stolen from me before. I didn’t think this would be such a huge deal – someone stealing my bike, butit really is,there’s such a massive impact on someone.”

Police also confirmed that a second bike was taken from Walker Avenue last week.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland South Ayrshire Division said: “Police Scotland can confirm that they received two reports of bike thefts at Walker Avenue, Troon between April 21 and 24, 2019.

“Investigation is ongoing into this and any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact PC Connor at Troon police office quoting incident number 1273 of the 22/04.”