A CAMPAIGNING Prestwick group is hoping to help improve the lives of people with mobility issues.

Local community group Prestwick Peoples Project have worked with Cycling Without Age Scotland (CWAS) over the last year to establish their very own chapter in Prestwick and are now ready to be offering rides along the promenade.

Under the name of Cycling Without Age Prestwick, the group are now ready to operate as a fully licensed Chapter of CWAS.

Having successfully raised over £15,000 of funding for two trishaws, impressive-looking bikes for three), CWA Prestwick will start to connect the dots between past and present, young and old.

They will build intergenerational relationships and involve the whole community in Prestwick.

The trishaws - operated by fully trained and disclosure checked volunteers will help to combat loneliness, increase social cohesion and provide the right to ‘wind in your hair’ for all.

Cycling Without Age Prestwick aim is to use this project to adapt and build on this innovation and to provide a bespoke community connection model.

Their vision seeks to transform the lives of people within their community - through the premise of inclusion, intergenerational connections and inspiration.

It is hoped that this project will be self-sufficient in its inception and sustainable, using the skills of local volunteers whilst incorporating engagement and support from other like-minded groups e.g- health walkers, local residents and care home residents.

Funding for this project will be maintained through Crowdfunding, Facebook, through local engagement with service providers and with interested parties.

This simple but inspirational idea has already caught the imagination of some 39million views on video format, Sky & BBC news, Facebook, 17 MSPs and the First Minister.

Anyone wishing to volunteer with the project should contact them through their Facebook page or by calling the CWAS Head Office and they will connect you to the group

Call 01324 467272 or email jen@cyclingwithoutage.scot