Two academics are looking for information on a mysterious gem from Girvan’s past – a futuristic psychedelic house designed by the father of Blur’s Damon Albarn.

Dr Luke Dickens, from King’s College London, and Manchester Metropolitan University’s Dr Tim Edensor, would like to hear the memories of anyone who visited the Fifth Dimension. The structure, designed by London-based multi-media artist Keith Albarn, once stood outside the Beach Pavilion.

Luke and Tim came together for their project after a chance meeting at a conference. Luke said: “I was talking about my research into the urban experiments of Joan Littlewood, the radical theatre director, and happened to mention that she had worked very closely with Keith Albarn.”

Tim, who was in the audience, was struck by this connection because his gran had taken him to Girvan’s Fifth Dimension in Spring 1969. He still has a postcard featuring the strange structure from his visit.

Tim recalled: “As a young lad I had never experienced anything remotely like the Fifth Dimension and I have never encountered anything like it since. After wandering around its different rooms and passages for what seemed like ages, I emerged bedazzled and enthralled from this strange environment of uncanny sounds, weird textures, glowing lights and fabulous colours. I loved it and have never forgotten the sensory impact it had on me.”

Luke said: “When Tim approached me and told me about his childhood experiences we were both really excited and decided to work together to find out more.”

Luke and Tim were able to arrange an interview with Keith Albarn last year and are now looking to find locals with their own memories of entering the Fifth Dimension. They would also like to hear from anyone with information about what happened to the Fifth Dimension after it closed.

The pair will be in Girvan between April 24-27. If you would be interested in talking to them, either in person or on the phone, please contact or 07799 025547.