Sex is being traded for favours in Ayrshire with creepy adverts targeting vulnerable people online.

Dozens of sick offers are trying to attract mostly women by promising ‘rewards’ if they carry out sexual tasks for them.

Sex pests are posing as taxi drivers, handymen, and tradesmen, who will carry out jobs for young people but demand payment in erotic favours.

One ad describes himself as a 42-year-old man who is looking to pay a ‘young slim under 25’ to be his ‘activity partner’.

Another begs women to smoke a cigarette while sexually pleasing a man in a car for cash.

And it isn’t just physical tasks, with some asking women to send their dirty underwear in exchange for ‘a paid reward’.

These ‘rewards’ are trying to buy women who will intimately touch themselves and watch the ‘buyer’ do the same.

The advertisements are being accused of preying on vulnerable young people desperate for cash who will consider selling themselves to the online predators.

The Scottish Government have warned those tempted to buy sex on Scottish streets face a £1,000 fine, a criminal record, and “the shame and exposure in front of their friends and family.”

Karen Gardner from Women’s Aid in Ayrshire said: “Online adverts offering women sex for rent deals is yet another situation where men with power are too easily able to abuse women with none.

“A poll conducted for Shelter showed that 250,000 women across the UK had had a landlord ask for sexual favours in exchange for free or discounted accommodation in the past five years.

“Poverty and violence against women go hand in hand and you can’t address one without tackling the other. Vulnerable women must be protected from this exploitation.”