A woman missed her court appearance last week due to falling from a four-storey building in Ayr.

Michelle Auld from George Street in Ayr was ordained to appear at Ayr Sheriff Court on Wednesday, March 6.

She was facing charges of stealing cash from pensioners’ homes.

But her defence solicitor Tony Currie informed the court she was unable to attend as she is currently in hospital recovering from a “serious incident”.

It is understood she plummeted from a four-storey building recently with the matter due to call at the High Court.

Summary Sheriff Ross Macfarlane QC in the meantime continued the case for a notional diet to ascertain the health of Auld to stand trial until April 2.

Her bail will be continued to conform with a previous order.

The 35-year-old is accused of robbing a 91-year-old woman of £340 in cash on April 4, 2016 and in another instance stealing money from a 79-year-old woman in Ayr.

Auld was also accused of breaching bail conditions and failing to appear in court previously.

Her condition is not yet known but it is believed she has been recovering in hospital for a number of weeks since the incident took place.

Her bail was continued.