THE Scottish SPCA has stepped up their appeal to rehome two snakes in Ayr for National Serpent Day.

Balthazar and Pablo are two of 25 snakes desperately looking for loving owners on the day snakes are celebrated nationally on February 1.

Balthazar came into the SSPCA's care after being found straying in a garden. Unfortunately no one came to reclaim him. He is a friendly snake and would like a new home that has suitable knowledge and accommodation to care for him.

Pablo was quite nervous when the charity first took him in but has settled after some handling. He will require an experienced owner who is aware of his care needs and has the time to continue handling him to help build his confidence.

Scottish SPCA rescue and rehoming centre superintendent Sharon Comrie said, “Sadly we don't receive many enquiries about our snakes.

“We find a lot of people are put off by their appearance. We understand that snakes aren’t for everyone but we feel they are often overlooked as pets."

If you are interested in rehoming a snake, or any other animal, you can contact the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999 or visit