A man has been put under 12 months supervision after attempting to attack a gardening worker.

Andrew McColm, 56, accused the worker of staring into his house while executing his duties outside McColm’s property in Mount Avenue.

McColm then proceeded to confront the worker aggressively shouting, ‘You got a F*****g problem with me’ and then brandished a garden hoe where he then shouted ‘think you’re a hardman p***k’ towards the employee attempting to strike him with the weapon.

After the workers moved away from the scene, Mr McColm followed and continued his abusive behaviour.

John Gilies, representing Mr McColm explained: “He knows he went beyond the mark. He realised he has over reacted and puts this down to stress and why he acted in this way. He hopes he can put this behind him and move on.”

Sherriff Montgomery put Mr. McColm under 12 months supervision.